Does one mouse always mean more of them?

If you have seen a mouse in your home, then you’ve probably wondered, is it just one or is there more of them?

What are the changes that it will be just one versus many more?

Regardless of whether there’s one mouse or more, you will still need a solution to get rid of mice in your house.

Does One Mouse Always Mean More?

Short answer is, most likely. Long answer is quite complicated, but to put is simply, mouse gestation period (pregnancy period) is only 19-21 days. So while humans take 9 months, the little mice will come knocking in about 3 weeks.

And what’s worse is when they do give birth, their litter can be as high as 14 baby mice. So now you went from 1 mouse to at least 10 in a matter of weeks.

And this same female that just gave birth will have another 5-10 pregnancies this year. Those little baby mice will be sexually mature in only 8 weeks. So in two months, those babies will start having their own babies.

All of this breeding can mean that from one female mouse today, you could easily have over 100 mice in your house within a year. How’s that for explosive population growth?

So even if you only have one mouse right now, if it’s a female, there’s a good chance that it is pregnant and will give birth in a few weeks.

If you are not quick to act on the mice in your house, then this mouse population will grow exponentially VERY quickly.

How Mice Live

In the wild, mice fight for food, they fight amongst one another, males battle other males, and females battle other females.

In your home, the mice will be much less likely to fight amongst one another because there is plenty of food, warmth, and shelter. So instead, they will chill out, breed, and throw a party or two in your home.

Why am I telling you this difference? Because you need to know that mice are opportunistic creatures. They do not care who you are, what you do, or what you look like. They will eat your food, poop all over your kitchen, and gnaw their way through whatever they can.

What You Can Do

Get rid of the mice in your home as soon as possible.

My best advice would be to grab some live catch and release traps, set them up with some awesome mousetrap bait, and put them in correct areas of your home where you’ve seen mouse droppings.

Then what happens next is quite magical.

You will start catching mice one by one. 

You will probably be surprised at the number of mice you catch.

In fact, you might even be shocked or sickened by seeing so many mice.

But do not panic.

When you get the mice, drive them somewhere far away, such as a park or abandoned structures, and let them go.

Then come right back home, re-set the traps, and catch some more.

Keep doing this until you notice that you’re simply not catching any more mice. And the mouse droppings you cleaned up is not re-appearing again.