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  • The Different Kinds of Mice

    mouse in the wild

    Identifying Mice from Rats We hear the words mouse and rats all the time when talking about household pests. Sometimes we go as far as finding the best humane mouse traps and not humane rat traps. So how do you find out if a mouse is a mouse or a rat is a rat? Mice […]

  • Does one mouse always mean more of them?

    If you have seen a mouse in your home, then you’ve probably wondered, is it just one or is there more of them? What are the changes that it will be just one versus many more? Regardless of whether there’s one mouse or more, you will still need a solution to get rid of mice […]

  • 5 Reasons Why Mice Will Not Go Near Your Traps or Bait

    The reality of having mice in your home is quite a shocker for most people even though mice invade millions of homes every year. So now you have your traps and your bait, and you set it all up, but then nothing happens, right? The mice simply will not touch your bait or go into […]

  • Where can I release the mouse I caught and what will happen to it?

    mouse in the wild

    So you found out you had mice in your home (notice I said mice, not mouse) and spend days or weeks, and maybe even months trying to catch them all, right? So now that you caught your mouse, what should you do with it? There’s several things you can do with mice you catch, so […]